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X Banner Stand
Cheap X-banner Printing in
Item NO.:CPB-XBS00001
Features:color x-banner
Full color promotional X-b
Item NO.:CPB-XBS00001
Features:display stand,a2 pos
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X banner stand is a kind of exhibition supply used for advertising, with X-bracket at the back. X banner stand, a vivid tool of terminal promotion, is also known as product display stand, promotional stand, portable exhibition tool and brochure shelf,etc. X banner stand is designed and produced on the basis of the characteristics of the product, together with innovative LOGO signs, which increases the advertising role of products. 

X banner stand is used to prop up an X-shaped stand of advertising screen, the screen is made of PP synthetic paper, photo paper, pictorial cloth, PVC photo frame, with laminating on the surface. It is applied in exhibition ads, road shows, 
business promotions, conference presentations. As a marketing tool, X banner stand is evolved along with the development of terminal POP advertising. It has the advantages of environmental protection, convenient transport and quick assembly, etc.. Being placed in the sales establishments, it can play a role of displaying goods, conveying information and promoting sales. 

X banner stand was prevalent in Europe, the prominent and exquisite showcase stand is very popular in foreign countries. It is widely used in food and beverage, cosmetic, home appliances, home, building materials, wine and other industries. 

Many European and American packaging companies also believe that display stand( banner stand, showcase stand) can enhance the technological level and marketing capabilities of companies. In Europe and America, the display stand (banner stand, showing stand) is a kind of product with very high additional value, and attracts more users and manufacturers. Now X banner stand has various styles and materials with different price, customers can choose their own styles and materials needed on their own. Now some brand customers have taken display stand (banner stand, showing stand) as regular promotional items, and it really achieves good results in new product marketing or holiday promotion, very helpful for enhancing the brand image in the marketplace, creating a festive atmosphere and increasing sales. 

According to the appearance, it can be classified into: Injection X stand, Korean X banner stand, multi-purpose X banner stand, desktop X banner stand, American X banner stand. 

Similar banner stand series: floor banner stand, desktop banner stand, hanging banner stand, abnormally shaped banner stand, aluminum Korean X banner stand, new Korean X banner stand, luxury injection X banner stand,etc. 

Similar promotional portable exhibition tool: roll up banner/ promotional table/pop-up exhibition stand / display stand / X-type banner stand, roll up, brochure shelf, painting frame, promotional tent, promotional table, exhibition equipment,etc. Container frame, standard showcase, various showcases, sales location and other POP display,etc. Materials are generally carbon steel, aluminum, steel and so on. 

Regular size: 60X160cm 
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