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Hardcover Book
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Hardcover is one of the main forms of decorative art of modern books and the more sophisticated method of binding and layout, but the binding art is complex. Generally, hardcover books have cardboard as book case, paper, cloth, flax, linoleum and other materials are thermoprinted with colorful words or pattern to make hard cover. After being processed, the backbone becomes arc shape or flat shape. Hard cover and the bookblock match each other, constituting a fine hardcover book, pages are stiff and solid, and easy to turn. 

Hardcover process covers: fold, collate, bind, cut, then process the book block and decorate the book case, including book block processing, book case making and book casing in.

Hardcover books, featured by durability, good flatness, beautiful decoration, high quality,  high value of collection, so it is widely used in the book binding. 
The process of hardcover book is as follows: 

1. Bookblock processing: printing →folding →loop folding→assemble→tread stitching  (perfect bind) → book block flattening→adhesive binding →bookbone pressing →three-side knife cutting book block →book case →  shell →slot pressing→edited book

2. Book case processing: prepare materials of book case(.breaking materials, cutting cover, cutting middle bookbone) → cardboard cover bond (animal protein glue) → flatten to shape 

3. Types of hardcover book case: 

according to shape of book corner: square, round corner 

according to shape of wrap angle: wrap angle, no wrap angle 

according to material: monolithic casing-in, ingredient casing-in, plastic flattening book case 

4. Process of pasting book case: 

automatically transmit book case liner 

Automatically transmit book case cover, cover page of book case is pasted, fixed, glued and folded into finished book 

Automatically transmit the cut middle diameter paper

5. Process of pasted book case: bronzing, indenting, embossing, screen printing, etc. 
   a: Composite of the book case: (a) book case liner (b) middle diameter paper(c)book case cover (d) wrap angle (e) book waist layout
   b: Materials of book case cover: cardboard, wood, plywood and composite board
   c: When pasting book case, pay attention to: (a) controlling the amount of gluing (b) wrapping can not be too loose (c) halving the book bookbone (d) flattening the book case

6. Process of bookblock:

  --- Early stage: 

a: sewing glue binding untrimmed bookblock 
      Printing →folding →assemble→stitching binding→stitching binding untrimmed bookblock

b: Perfect bind untrimmed bookblock

      Printing →folding →assemble→perfect binding →perfect binding untrimmed bookblock

   --- Later stage: 
       Book case flattening→gluing and drying →bookbone pressing → semi-finished book cutting (three-sided trimming) pull round →backing → bookblock back pasting and ribbon sticking → edited book block 
   Flattening effect: exclude the air between the pages so that the bookblock can be solid and flat.
   Pressing backbone of bookblock is to compress the thickness of backbone and exclude air. Book block should be flattened for the second time so as to get the desired results.
   Plastic drying effect: shape basically, fix backbone to prevent dislocation, loss and deformation of backbone and bookblock in the processing procedure. 

a: Features: brush glue with cold glue, bake to eight to ninth percent dry. Note: pinhole should not have glue, circular backbone may allow a small amount of glue, post and post should be pasted a straight line 
Secondary backbone pressing is to flatten the little bulgy backbone resulted from glue brushing
b: Three-side knife: polish and cut the top margin, bottom margin and cutting edge of pages on three sides, get semi-finished book block; 
c: Pulling round: make the bookblock and page evenly staggered each other so that the backbone and cutting edge are arc-shaped, improve durability and usability; 
d: Backing effect: rub down the book block and back bone that are fulled round to prevent book bookblock from round returning and deformation, the height of backing keeps consistent with the thickness of book case.

Three-time stick of bookblock:

Brush gauze, glue gauze,brush card paper plug, glue spine paper plug cloth.

Stick gauze and bookspine paper: cover book block stitching, improve firm and flatness of bookbone, improve the durability of book, protect book block from fulling round and backing. 

Plug cloth: protect book block from pulling round and backing, enhance firmness of book and wear resistance of book block on both sides
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