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Company Letterhead Printin
Item NO.:CPB-L00001
Features:print company letter
Customized Letterhead Prin
Item NO.:CPB-L00002
Features:color letterhead
Cheap Letterhead Printing
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Features:China cheap let
Company Logo Printing on L
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Features:letterhead with comp
China Cheapest Letterhead
Item NO.:CPB-L00005
Features:cheapest letterhead
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Dring designing and printing the letterhead, logo design is the mark indicating some special meaning. Figure and text constitute specific visible symbol and express the content, information, ideas of visual symbol, which can affect the viewer’s attitudes, beliefs and emotions and win a brand image. 

Logo can be classified according to their manifestations: 

Figurative form. Using a variety of naturally endowed material to refine and process, this kind of logo is lively and full of fun, with illustration characteristics. 
Abstract form. Use simple point, line, surface as the main body to conduct a repeated, gradual, symmetrical, launched, mutated, harmonic, balanced, positive and negative, borrowed, swing, decomposed, and combined change expression.

Text manifestation usually has three cases: 
First: Take the logo of the enterprise or brand as source material, it deliberately conducts a change disposal of the text space, structure, stroke, shape and form, design style. The specific words or letters can exhibit the nature and characteristics of the relevant industry. 

Second: Take the First letter of the enterprise or brand’s name as source material, it has single prefix, double prefix and multi-prefix and other forms. 
Third: Take logo and the latter of the enterpriseor brand as source material, it takes into account the effect of the distinctive shape of prefix and the straightforward appeal of logo .
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