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Advertising Magazine
Cheap Magazine Printing
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Monthly Magazine Printing
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Perfect Binding Magazine P
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Popular and Color Magazine
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Fashion Magazine
Fashion Magazine Printing
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Advertising Magazine with
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Color Magazine for Company
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Customized A4 Size Magazin
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High Quality A4 Magazine
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Cheap Monthly Magazine Pri
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Color Magazine with Low Pr
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Magazine has many advantages. 

First, magazine is far more superior than the newspaper in preservability, thus it has long effective time and no reading time limit. In this way, the timeliness of magazine advertising is also very long. Meanwhile, the magazine’s circulation rate is also higher than the newspapers. 

Second, magazine has a large quantity and a wide range of publication. Many magazines are popular both home and abroad, and often issued and sold in a wide range. With this advantage, magazine advertising undoubtedly has an advantage for advertising goods or services nationwide.

Third, the edition and printing of magazine are fine. Edition of magazine ads strives to keep tidy and uniform, so that readers can enjoy reading. Beyond that, as magazine is printed with excellent printing technology, paper is selective and usually senior Dowling paper, therefore, magazine ads is fine and high-end. Fine printed matter can undoubtedly give readers a noble artistic enjoyment. It also has better means to represent the color, texture of the product and so on. 

Fourth, magazine has more available margin without limitation, advertisers can select and display advertising design skills. Cover page, inner page and insert page can all be used for advertising, and the advertising position can be arranged at random. Magazine can highlight the advertising content, stimulate readers’ interest in reading. Meanwhile, arrangements for the advertising content can change skillfully, such as foldout, insert,continuous page, deformation, etc., to attract the reader’s attention. 

Fifth, professional magazine has the regular audience, it can play the role of advertising in some professional industry. Currently, magazine tends to be more specialized, such as medical journal, popular science magazine, technical magazine,etc. Its audience is the specific social class or group. Therefore, for the specific consumer goods, making advertisement on professional magazine is more relative, it targets at the understanding of advertising objects, able to produce in-depth publicity, and there is little waste of money. 

Many hardcover books use circular ridged backbone to improve the beauty and durability. Paint PUR adhesives on the bookblock, then do rounding and backing to obtain a more beautiful round ridged bookbone. PUR hot-melt adhesive has the following advantages: 

1. Flat book: According to the recommended thickness, gluing thickness of bookblock is about 0.025cm, at this time, PUR glue layer is more softer than EVA hot-melt adhesive, so when books are opened, they are very smooth, readers needn’t press the pages with their hands, the smoothness of book improves the comfort of the reader. Therefore, PUR is favored by some large companies.Microsoft and Texas all use PUR hot-melt adhesive to bind the product manual. 

2. High and low temperature resistance: Put a book bound by PUR hot-melt adhesive and a book bound by EVA hot-melt adhesive in the refrigerator for one night, take the two books from the refrigerator the next day, open books, you hear the cracking sound of the book bound by EVA hot-melt adhesive, while the book bound by PUR hot-melt adhesive is intact. Refrigerator test the durability of PUR binding books in the winter and summer, you can put books into the back seat of the car, when the ambient temperature reaches 43 ℃, the pages of EVA hot-melt adhesive bound books begin to disperse, while PUR glue binding book remains intact. PUR binding books can’t be affected even being placed in high or low temperature, they are intact even up to 94 ℃ or minus 40 ℃. 

3. Flat bookbone: When using ordinary hot-melt adhesive to bind those irregular texture art paper book block, a lot of wrinkles will be generated in the trenches. As PUR hot-melt adhesives are cold glue which needs a low temperature, the moisture of the paper in the bookbone can not lost. Meanwhile, PUR layer has a ductility in the drying process, the paper fibers can recover. Besides that, since PUR hot-melt adhesive is used little when binding,little adhesive is extruded in encapsulation table, the cover plate on both sides firmly wraps the cover on the book block, forming the stiff bookbone. 

4. Smooth bookblock cut, no trapezoid: Since the thickness of PUR hot-melt adhesive is only half of that of other hot-melt adhesives, bookblock cut is smooth without trapezoid, book seal edges are very smooth too. 

5. Solvent resistance: Some experts believe PUR is an unique solvent and grease-resistant binding material. Immerse the dried and solid PUR adhesive layer into a solvent and oil used in the printing industry, such as methyl ethyl ketone and alcohol, these chemicals do not affect the PUR adhesive layer. Moreover, part of the solvent used in the printing industry will completely soften or dissolve the frequently used hot-melt adhesives, such as EVA. 

6. Used for hardcover, save cost: Over the years, round back hardcover bookblock has been using stitching binding, a layer adhesive with good toughness is painted on the stitching bound books before pulling round is made. According to some users’ response, flatten the stitching bound book block, then paint PUR hot-melt adhesive, this binding mode can save approximately 30-40% of the cost. 

7. Good pulling round performance, round arc is not easy to be deformed: Many hardcover books use a round ridged bookbone to improve the beauty and durability.Paint PUR adhesives, then do rounding and backing to obtain a more beautiful round ridge bookbone. Since the PUR adhesive layer and bookblock are dried in the circular state, the persistence of the back of circular backbone is maximized. When using ordinary hot-melt adhesive to bind bookblock, firstly paint adhesive, then do rounding, so the persistence can’t reach PUR bonding effect.
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