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Paper Box
Color Board Box
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Features:UV Board material bo
Good Board Box with Silver
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Features:Silver Surface
Full Color Paper Board Mag
Item NO.:CPB-PB00003
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Shining Color Board Box
Item NO.:CPB-PB00004
Features:Color UV
Color Paper Box with Small
Item NO.:CPB-PB00005
Features:smalle box in big bo
Die-cutted Paper Box
Item NO.:CPB-PB00006
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Cheap Cake Box Printing in
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Takeout Cake Box Printing
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Cheap Box Printing in Chin
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High Quality Box Printing
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High quality full Color Pa
Item NO.:CPB-PB00011
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Cheap Underwear packaging
Item NO.:CPB-PB00012
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Full color cardboard magne
Item NO.:CPB-PB00013
Features:box with magnetic fo
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Paper packaging is used mostly in industrial packaging. Carton is the main form of transport packaging, and paper box is widely used in the packaging of food, medicine, electronics, and other products. With the change of mode of transport and marketing style, carton and paper box are becoming more diverse, almost every kind of new non-standard carton comes out accompanied by a set of automatic equipment, and novel paper box itself also become a means of merchandising. 

Classification of carton and paper box:
Carton and paper box have many varieties and styles. 
The carton is classified in accordance with the flute shape. Flute is divided into four categories: 
A flute, B flute, C flute and E flute. Generally, carton used for outer packaging are A, B, C-flute cardboard; middle-size packaging uses B, E-flute cardboard; small-size packaging uses E flute cardboard. In the production and manufacture of corrugated carton, generally, type of carton needs to be distinguished. Corrugated carton should be classified in accordance with the international carton standard promulgated by The European Federation of Corrugated Board Manufacturers(FEFCO) and the Swiss Association of Cardboard (ASSCO). This standard is approved by the International Association of Corrugated Cardboard and is commonly used worldwide.

In accordance with international standard of carton type, carton structure can be divided into two categories-basic type and combined type. The basic type is the basic carton and can be checked from the illustrations in the Standard, generally expressed with four digits, the first two digits indicate the category of carton type, the later two digits represent different carton style in the same carton type. For example: 02 means slotted carton; 03 indicates nested carton and so on. 

Combined type is the combination of basic type, i.e., composed of two or more of basic carton type and represented by sets of four-digit number or code. For example, the upper roll cover of a carton can be represented by 0204, the lower roll cover can be represented by 2016.


China’s national standard GB6543-86 standard refers to international carton series and regulates the basic carton type of single and double corrugated cartons used for transport packaging, the carton code can be seen in the following table. However, in the late 80s of the last century, with the change of distribution channel and market sales, there emerged a number of novel non-standard corrugated carton, moreover, the launch of every new structure was almost accompanied by a corresponding automatic packaging system or packaging equipment, which greatly enriched the market of carton. These new non-standard carton includes wrapped carton, separate carton, triangle columnar carton and large-size carton,etc. 
Compared with carton, paper box is more complex and diversified. Though it can be classified in accordance with the materials, purpose and application, the most common method is the processing method. Generally it is divided into folding paper box and paste paper box. The folding paper box is widely used and is divided into tube folding paper box, disc folding paper box, tube-disc folding paper box, non-tube non-disc folding paper box, etc. 

As the folding paper box, paste paper box can be divided into tube, disc and tube and disc paper boxes according to the shaping form. Each category can be divided into subcategories according to different structures, and can add some functional decoration, such as window, handle and so on. 
The international standard has formed a complete system and norm for carton , producers need follow the standard to select materials to process. Emergence of various novel non-standard cartons breeds an evolution of corrugated carton industry.
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