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Paper Folder
Silver Foiling Paper Folde
Item NO.:CPB-PF00001
Features:paper file fold
Full Color File Folder
Item NO.:CPB-PF00002
Features:paper folder fo
A4 Size Paper Folder
Item NO.:CPB-PF00003
Features:a4 folder
Silver Stamping Paper Fold
Item NO.:CPB-PF00004
Features:Silver stamping
Customized Color A4 Size P
Item NO.:CPB-PF00005
Features:customized A4 f
Board Folder
Board folder with metal ri
Item NO.:CPB-BF00001
Features:Board folder su
Cheap binder printing comp
Item NO.:CPB-BF00002
Features:Cheap binder pr
Presentation folder printi
Item NO.:CPB-PF00006
Features:presentation fo

I used to work in a colour printing company with high quality printing services. Many people know that there are many high quality printing companies in this city, and I remember that someone told me the aim of their company is to be the best and professional printing company in this city. With the aim, everyone of their company work harder and harder, Roger, my coworker also likes this, in fact, he works harder and harder. They have low cost printing services; even sometime if you are lucky enough, you can get the free printing services. Of course they also have presentation printing services and quick printing services and other services, you can choose some from them, or if you have some special requirements with printings, they would try their best to satisfy you. 

I work in an advertising company two years ago, so i often went to find john with the deals. I like my this job very much, though it would very busy for me, because there are always many files need me to sign. So there are all kinds of folders on my office desk, most of them are advertising folders. So you see we need folder printing very much. I knew that John is working in that company, so I was not worry too much for where to buy the quality folders; I just gave a call to him and told him that there was a big order for him with thecompany folders. Then he came to my company with some presentation folder templates and pocket folder templates, when I saw them, I knew that they were professional folders which were what we want in our office. After he introduced many things about their corporate folder printing and presentation folder design, I gave him a print folder list on which there were the printing products we needed. After a few minutes, he told me that they were not difficult for his company to finish them, but he also had some suggestions for me to think about which can help me save some money. 

Of course, I was very happy to with the news. After his explaining, I also thought he was right, I should accept them all. And of course before I made the decision, I should asked my boss for them. As expected, my boss also agreed with me. I also asked other questions to John, he also answered me patiently. After discuss a lot about the list, and of course other details, such as the price and the delivery. He promised that they would deliver the products to my office after they were finished at once. And the factory would produce my products after I paid the deposit. I felt ok, so I made the order with John and paid the deposit at once. Then I went to my office for my work again and waiting the products, after then, it would be a busy day for me again. 

After that order, I also had some other orders with John, so a few times later, we became friends, we often go out together for dinner, or tea, or sometime just go out for a walking, we talk many things, such as football, basketball and tennis or other sports, even some time we also go out for climbing or hiking. And of course our work is our main topic, I take it as a study chance, I think he is also like this. Time flies, now we have been old friends, and I believe that we will be good friends forever. 

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