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Business Card
Silver/Gold Stamping Busin
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Cheap Color Business Card
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Clear PVC Business Card
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Cheap Embossing Business C
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PVC Business Card
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Different types of business cards for different types of bus Today, almost every business man have business cards. But do you know business is not just a card? It can be combined with your own business and help you to gain more money. So, you should prepare different types of business card for different types of business. 

1. The trade business card People from a particular trade or industry have their own on kind of business card. For example if you are a plastic manufacturer, your trade business card will usually be given to your suppliers, competitors, resellers and investors. These kinds of business cards embody the particular trade of their owner. Their design should be related or have symbolisms to the trade. If you are into plastics you may have a plastic business card. If you are a baker why not print full color business cards shaped like bread? Basically, trade business cards should give the image of a particular trade so that you can easily be remembered as a part of that industry. 

2. Corporate business cards Business cards in the corporate world are of cure a whole other type altogether. They differ from trade business cards since the focus of a corporate business card is the company and not the whole trade itself. Because of this, the logo of the company has a prominent place in the design of these business cards. Usually they have a serious and simple design perfect for the more formal minded corporate culture. Companies may even issue a uniform design for their employees to use especially if they will be representatives. Corporate business cards are usually given to important business contacts and potential employees. 

3. Personal business cards A lot of people have personal custom business cards. This is the most common type. Their design does not focus on a particular trade or company. The focus here is the profession and personality of the business card owner itself. Because of this personal business cards usually have the most beautiful, interesting and varying designs. When you do print your custom business cards you can give them to almost anyone including your family and friends. 

4. Marketing business cards A marketing business card is a type unto itself because it can change certain conventions of a typical business card. Besides selling “the person” that owns the business card, a marketing business card can advertise a certain product, service or event. For example, your marketing business card for your product will have your name, as well as the phrase “supplier of the best computer in the state, the PC4000.” Different marketing cards should have different gimmicks and designs like this. Those are the most common business card types. Have you seen the right type of business card for you? Choose the right type for yourself and you will be making contacts, new relationships and business opportunities in no time.

You must not be strange towards the scene, when a man wearing a suit and tie meets a client, he will respectfully give the client a business card. It is common practice of everyday life now. People all have their own business cards, whether they are simple business cards, awesome business cards, or elegant business cards, it is certain that beautiful business cards can make us impress others at first sight. That’s why business card makers are trying this full color business card design to make your card more fun and refined, the traditional standard business card design is received with not so much warmth right now. Digital business card made by high quality printing companies becomes the most welcomed card at the present. I guess business card printing will improve with each passing day.

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