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Paper Envelope
Offset Paper Envelope Prin
Item NO.:CPB-PE00001
Features:120gsm offset paper
Paper Envelope in China
Item NO.:CPB-PE00002
Features:paper envelope in Ch
Cheap C4 Envelope
Item NO.:CPB-PE00003
Features:c4 size envelope
Paper Envelope with PVC wi
Item NO.:CPB-PE00004
Features:envelope with clear
Silver Foil Paper Envelope
Item NO.:CPB-PE00005
Features:silver foil paper en
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Do you write a letter recently? Here the letter is not mean that the email, it is written by yourself, pen or pencil or other things, even just some paintings. I think many people will shake their heads. It is true that it seems the people prefer emails then writing a letter by hands, which can be a instant message, it can save time and talk to other things need not to waiting. Especially in the modern time, everyone nearly have business with emails. In fact , me too. But i also like to write a letter by my hands to my family and friends. I like to read words and touching the papers when i get the return letters from my friends. And of course i like the envelopes from many different places. So i often write letters to my friends, i need many envelopes. 

There is an envelope printing company in the way back to my house from work. So i often go to it to see if there is some new envelopes. Nearly when i am back home, you will find that there are some envelope printing in my hand. My neighbours would ask me that letter again? Then i smiled to them with a yes. Another day, i went to there again after my work, the shop assistant said hello to me with a hot smile, he showed me the way which i often go there, but i said no paper envelopes, this time i wanted to try some new ones. Then i saw some different envelopes which were not like the ones i used to before, especially the sizes. Then i asked that shop assistant, he told me that they were CD / DVD paper envelope printings, in short you can call them CD or DVD envelopes, which was a kind of CD or DVD sleeves. 

In fact, they also prove envelope printing service, the common name is CD or DVD packaging. Then i asked a question that if you also sell some CD and DVD, he said yes, but not many , just a few. If i was interested in them , he would brought to me. Then i said that i want 100 CD duplication, do you have the service to do the CD  and DVD duplication? He nodded his head and said that they will give me 100 CD paper envelopes for free. if i have something with envelope printing, they can help. Later i found some black CD envelopes there, i think the black ones were so cool that my friends must like them very much, maybe this time i try this one. He gave me some suggestions that if i like, i can make the personalized envelopes , or custom made envelopes. With it you can have your own custom design printing, many clients of them like it very much. Also you can do some printing on your envelops, which will make your envelops very beautiful.

 Your friends would like them very much. With his words, in fact, i also think so. And at the same time, i can take them as gifts for my friends. I can design the envelopes with my own logo, then they will think of me when they see the envelope. Of course i will choose the most beautiful pictures and the most moving words, or some famous poets. I think it is really a good idea. Then , with my thoughts, we began to discuss the details with my envelopes. With his patient, finally i finished the designing for them. Then i took a order paper home.

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