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Roll Sticker
Cheap Roll Sticker Printin
Item NO.:CPB-RS00001
Features:labels in roll
Full color roll sticker pr
Item NO.:CPB-RS00002
Features:cheap roll label, co
Gold foiling roll sticker
Item NO.:CPB-RS00003
Features:cheap roll sticler p
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Roll sticker is also named reel sticker, suitable for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, packaging and other companies. Reel sticker is made of high quality adhesive material, white glassine paper,it has a good quality and reasonable price, and can be produced according to customers’ demand. Labeling machine is a modern integrated product, having an excellent and reliable performance. 

Labeling machine has more advantages: clean, not moldy, beautiful and fast, highly efficient. 

The main applications of self-adhesive label 

1. Packaging industry: Mark label, postal packaging, mail packaging, transportation of goods, address label on 

2. Sales industry: Price tag, product description label, shelf label, barcode label, pharmaceutical label 

3. Electrical industry: Phone tag, all kinds of electrical label, laptop label, electromechanical product label 

4. Apparel industry: Clothing label, washing label 

5. Office space: File documents label, file saving label, labels of various items and stationery 

6. Production situation: Raw materials label, processed product label, finished product label, inventory management label, variable information label, including batch number, order number, barcode, production date, expiry date, price, information processing in the mailing process, distribution, warehouse management, inventory data,etc.

7. Jewelry industry: Jewelry tag label, label of goods tag that are not easy to paste

8. Management industry: Book label, vehicle inspection label, security label, property label 

9. Ticket industry: Train ticket, long-distant bus ticket, parking ticket, highway toll ticket, mainly for the  decorative decals on automobile and motorcycle, wordmark of trademark window, reflective film on the highway, mark on the container, etc. 

10. Daily accessories industry: Among daily accessories products, liquid detergent products are becoming increasingly popular, these products require a large number of automatic filling adhesive label on the bottle 

11. Airport industry: Boarding pass, luggage tag 

12. Chemical industry: Paint materials label, labels of gasoline and engine oil product packaging and various special solvent products 

13. Electrical and electronic industry: There are numerous types of durable adhesive labels pasted on electrical products, these labels have a large unit area and a large quantity, in addition, self-adhesive label, as an industrial products (PC) description, also has wide application, which also lead to the demand of self-adhesive label. 

14. Logistics industry: In recent years, the logistics industry is rising in China, there are more demands of modern logistics for variable information printing label, such as storage label, luggage tag, supermarket label,etc. 

15. Pharmaceutical industry: Pharmaceutical packaging has increasingly used the self-adhesive label, along with OTC sales of non-prescription drugs, pharmaceutical production plants and consumers pay more attention to pharmaceutical packaging, which will largely prompt pharmaceutical manufacturers to convert from the traditional label to self-adhesive label. 

16. Other industries: Security label, encryption label, security label
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