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There are people often asked me such a question that why there are so many advertising printings at my home, am i very interested in them? I told them i am not. But i really like them. In fact they are printing advertisement templates. After my words, they would curious a lot and i smiled a lot and then told them my story. 

Ten years ago, i worked in an advertising company which in fact is a magazine advertising agency in the center of my city. The advertising magazine and advertising design magazine are our main product, We had many services for our clients, such as advertising and printing, design and advertising, free magazine advertising and so on. You know that most of our clients are big companies or factories, so we need to . 

To be honest, the quality of our printing and adverting were very high, and even now they are also very good , while our magazine advertising cost was not so high and even was the cheapest. that was my proud in that company. Many friends were very envious that i had such a nice job. But in fact, it was not so nice, to the contrary, i was very busy and had very big working pressure. I was the designer there, so if you came to my office in the morning, you would find that i was sitting before my computer, and thinking about the designs for advertising for my clients. To always have the new designs, i often bought many other magazine, when i am free. 

You know that there were a variety of advertising printings in the world, when i saw them on the street or library, i would bought them, and most of them are advertising magazine printings. so unconsciously, you would see a magazine hill in my home. They were my collection in these years. It really cost me a lot, and i was really very busy, had not more time to read them all, so most of them are new. When i was free, i just took one and read the advertisings in the magazines, they could help me to keep my minds keep creative. 

And if i had finished one design, i needed to think about the question that how to introduce my this design to my clients so that they can agree. And of course before my designing, i needed to know well about their requirements and to know what they really want in their heart. You know that the magazine advertisement cost was not a small deal, it would cost many money, but to be honest, our magazine adverting prices were cheaper than others, and the same time we promised our quality is the best. 

That was the main reason why we had so many clients. If they agreed with my suggestion and wanted to see the sample, i would printed the design magazine sample with different advertisement materials by myself. And them i chose some nicer ones and brought them to visit my clients. After i gave the samples, we would have a long discussion about the other things, such as the price, the materials, the time, the delivery and so on. After we agreed each other with the details, the client paid the deposit, and i got the order back to my office. Then i told my boss about this order and then arranged this press advertising to our factory. The next just was the time problem to me, and of course i needed to go to the factory to oversee the products. After finished, we delivered them to our clients and got the rest money back.

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