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Paper Envelope
Offset Paper Envelope Prin
Item NO.:CPB-PE00001
Features:120gsm offset p
Paper Envelope in China
Item NO.:CPB-PE00002
Features:paper envelope
Cheap C4 Envelope
Item NO.:CPB-PE00003
Features:c4 size envelop
Paper Envelope with PVC wi
Item NO.:CPB-PE00004
Features:envelope with c
Silver Foil Paper Envelope
Item NO.:CPB-PE00005
Features:silver foil pap
Bubble Envelope
Cheap Bubble Envelope Prin
Item NO.:CPB-BE00001
Features:kraft paper wit
Packaging Bubble Envelope
Item NO.:CPB-BE00002
Features:cheap price
Silver Bubble Envelope for
Item NO.:CPB-BE00003
Features:silver surface

Envelope can be printed with company logo on the offset paper mateiral usually, but printing company often receives some very artistically designed envelope, generally, this type of envelope is difficult to print. When envelope shows colorful drawing, the staff need to have some artistic taste and virtuosity; envelope generally uses offset paper, the staff must know the basic color change, otherwise it is impossible to be printed well. 

In fact, envelope printing process is the process of an artistic process. The computer-based pre-print system can change shape, tone and color in typesetting and platemaking, which makes the final printed envelopes more suited to users. 

Envelop has a strong artistic appeal. Other media recommend: though printing companies’ management idea and exploration on digital printing have an impact on the traditional printing industry, it makes environment-friendly printing become the mainstream of printing.
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