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Advertising Flyer Pringing
Item NO.:CPB-F00001
Features:flyer for advertisem
Full Color Flyer
Item NO.:CPB-F00002
Features:200gsm flyer
Folded Flyer Pringing in C
Item NO.:CPB-F00003
Features:color folded flyer
A5 Color Flyer
Item NO.:CPB-F00004
Features:a5 flyer
A4 Folded Flyer
Item NO.:CPB-F00005
Features:double-sides full co
High quality Advertising L
Item NO.:CPB-F00006
Features:perfect binding broc
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When we go shopping at weekend, we always receive a few leaflets, sometimes we take a closer look, sometimes we throw them away, should we think this as a waste? Why so many people are willing to make use of leaflets to advertise? In fact, it has many advantages:

Different from other traditional advertising media, Flyer/leaflet has appropriate objects and can reduce waste. Leaflet is to directly implement advertising to pre-selected target, it has incomparable superiority compared with other traditional advertising media and can target products on its own. One-by-one direct transmission can reduce objective omission in the process of information transmission, and maximize the advertising effective. It can not cause direct competition among similar products, which helps small and medium enterprises compete with large-sized enterprises and make progress. It can choose the advertising time, area, more responsive to fickle market. People will not feel bored by the length of advertising, the advertiser is no longer be troubled by difficult choice. It can praise the products so that consumers can understand the full range of products. Informal content and form can seize the attention of consumers at the first time. Timely and direct information feedback is in favor of the communication of buyers and sellers. 

Advertisers can follow the market to regulate advertising activities, get rid of the control of brokers, both buyers and sellers enjoy it. The advertising effectiveness of leaflet can be measured objectively, based on this, advertisers can redeploy advertising fee and adjust advertising plan.

Leaflets printing, three-fold leaflets, DM three folding flyer production,, the new printing base is a professional flyer printing, three-fold leaflets ordered the DM three folding leaflets produced generally three fold following paper printing, such as 128g,157g,200 coated paper, surface laminating Asian film or the beam splitter two kinds of processing, the surface appearance of the product, especially suitable for various industries enterprise describes the purpose of publicity; such as electronics, lighting, medicine, food, drinks, canned food, agriculture, toys, gifts, chemical, technology, chemical, trade, logistics, life, health, appliances, clothing, apparel, lingerie, underwear, hats , gloves, knitting, manufacturing and other industries.

Our company is one of the largest packaging and printing of key enterprises, we have to work for the revitalization of the national printing industry, promote Chinese culture and prosperity of China′s printing industry and create export trade platform struggle. The company has the most advanced printing equipment and first-class team of professionals has been committed to innovation and application of new printing technology, with a good business reputation and standard of service and security system products are exported to dozens of countries and regions such as Japan and South Korea . With planning, design, printing, procurement and quality control, post-processing integration of a full range of services. Our company is specializes in printing paper, paper packaging and printing, the printing of paper packaging products, paper printed matter.

1, Printing Category: packaging, printing, publications printing poster printing, company profile, printing, bag printing. Ice cream packaging, desktop calendar printing, luxury gift box printing, printing stationery, kit and printing services.

2, Packaging categories: high-grade tea box, packaging boxes, gift boxes, wine boxes, toy boxes, wooden CD case, cosmetic box, software box, health product box, moon cake box, cigarette case, box, food box, medicine box , the phone box, bag, box of collectibles, biological products, packaging boxes (box).

3, CD: CD-ROM disk boxes, disk design, CD replication, production of CD, VCD, CD replication, DVD CD replication, business card CD-ROM replication, shaped CD replication!

4, Books: product samples, books and pictures, beautiful book cover, published within the magazine, user manuals, training materials, brochures ...

5, Gifts: high-end notebook, Communications Manual, greeting cards, invitations, calendars, desk calendar, gift bag, bunting ...

6, Bags, bag, garment bag, shopping bag, wine bag, nonwoven bags, vest bags, food bags, clothing bags, sorting bags, woven bags, advertising bags, bag, pp bag, Cooler bag company advanced equipment and personnel for the protection, scientific and strict management backing. spirit of honesty, meticulous, the purpose of excellence in good faith service companies, large enterprises, publishing houses and many other customers.

7, Other printing service: business brochure designs, digital print and design, advertising flyer designs, brochure design free templates, brochure folding templates, template flyer design, business brochures design, sample of flyer design, free tri fold flyer template, singapore brochures, promotional brochure design, advertising brochure design, affordable brochure design, offset printing online, 2 sided brochure template, flyers sample design

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