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Greeting Card
Cheap Greeting Card in Chi
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Greeting card is a kind of card, by which to express greetings and blessings to family members, friends or colleagues on festivals or celebrations, such as birthday, charismas, new year’ day, spring festival, mother’s day, father’s day, St valentine′s day, etc. 

Greeting cards grew out of the needs of social communications. Because greeting card is a way of sentimental communication by expressing good wishes in a short sentence, the stylized words always express beautiful wishes and hopes to future life.

History of development

It originated in Western Han Dynasty. 
Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) used cards to greet ministers. No matter nation leaders or ordinary people, they are all used to send greeting cards to friends and relatives. When did this special greeting medium appear? Why it has come down to today? What development stages has it gone through. The essential of traditional Chinese culture is courtesy, which is expressed in various forms, such as the greeting card. It is a formal way to send a greeting card in advance of a personal event or festivals. Therefore, greeting card has been kept as a traditional till today, with changes only to its name.

Development of Greeting Card:

1. During the early days, greeting card was called name card, mainly used for self-introduction.

2. Greeting card in modern days. Modern greeting card began from the printing of Christmas card. Then it developed quickly. Various cards appeared for festivals. The most remarkable are the self-made cards by China post, as well as the plant cards, embroidery cards, different from the traditional ones.

3. Current greeting cards 

By the early 20th century, greeting cards have become more and more popular. No matter Christians or not, all people sent Christmas cards to friends and relatives to express best wishes, and non-religious cards (or oriental) ---New Year Card, were derived. The traditional paper cards are made of high quality wood pulp, which means a large consumption of wood. However, the traditional paper card is giving out  luster in virtual internet by combining with modern network technology, namely E-card. The eco-friendly E-card has become a fashion for it is fast and convenient. Thought E-card has made some impacts on traditional paper card, they cannot replace each other. Some people say the feeling of happiness and moving upon receiving a greeting card cannot be replaced by any other thing. To be eco-friendly, traditional card shall choose waste paper as materials.

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